We recently caught up with Noah from Echosmith! Noah spoke to us about what’s next for the band, their dream collaboration and more! Check out the interview below.




With the recent release of “Over My Head” being an great success , what can fans expect next? 

We are pretty much finished with or sophomore album, we are just picking the songs and prepping the art work. We are beyond excited to show everyone the songs we’ve been working on, and we’re excited to be playing more and more shows. You can certainly expect more touring.


What is your writing process ? Do you pull from real life experiences ?

We all write from our personal experiences, cause we find that that makes the best kinds of songs. We want to write music that matters, that can be a part of people’s experiences. I think the only way to do that is to be honest in our writing.


Being a family in the music industry , what are some struggles you have faced? Can you give advice to those who are just starting out? 

I think one of the biggest struggles we faced starting in the music industry was convincing people we were a serious band. We’re a family, and we were pretty young when we put our first record out. But we still cared deeply about what we we’re doing. We’re writers and musicians, and we had to fight against some of the stigma young people receive in the “professional” world.  But we stayed the course and toured so much to prove that we are a rock band with a message. Our missions statement is to spread hope and love to the world through music and I think it’s happening in a very organic way.


If you could tour with any artist past or present, who would it be and why? 

Our first concert was Coldplay, so playing with them would be amazing. Walk The Moon are amazing too and I think fans would love if we toured with them.


Do you guys have a pre/post show ritual? 

We don’t necessarily do anything strange. But we try to stretch and so vocal warm ups. We do a lot on stage, so it is important we prepare our bodies for each performance.


You guys have toured all over! What have been some highlights, favorite moments ?

I think the best part of what we do is getting to hear people’s stories. I’ve met so many amazing people in our travels, and I’ve been deeply impacted by how music can play a part in anyone’s life. The many stories we’ve heard are the main reason we do what we do. Playing music and writing songs is so much fun, but the greatest joy in what we do is seeing how our experience connects with others.



Make sure you check out their latest Music Video for “Over My Head”