The Dares have been busy in the studio recording their new record. We sat down with Ben to catch up on what’s been going on in and out of the studio. Make sure to check out their new single “Fool With a Crown” now streaming on Facebook¬†HERE.


You had a member change and are now a four piece instead of a trio. What has this brought to the music?

Yes we did. [We needed] to find a permanent bassist, we started looking around, and ended up jamming with our old friend Brandon Shapiro… However cliche this sounds, we really had a good vibe going… We started playing any show we could get so that we could get used to playing together. After about 5 or 6 shows together, we asked our friend Anthony Aguirre to play guitar with us for this benefit show we did for kids with cancer… After that show we were sold on the idea if being a four piece. It really opens up our live sound, and we sound full.

You just recently got done recording your new album. Was the writing process different this time around?

Yes and no. When we were on Jive we did a lot of writing sessions with different people and with ourselves trying to find the right songs for that album. I think that really stimulated our inner writers because since then we have been writing constantly. Finding the right songs for this one wasn’t hard to do. I would say that it was easier this time around because of the freedom of not having a label on your back telling you what songs they like. We did what we wanted on this and how we wanted it done. It was up to us and our producer Paul Ebersold. The last album with Jive as Paul puts it was done as “art by a committee” meaning how many people we had to get our songs “ok’d” by. But this time we just went with our gut. It was a lot of fun.

When in the writing process, do the lyrics come first, or do you generally write a melody first?

For us it is almost always melody first. Finding the music and then lyrics.

In the new single “Fool With a Crown” your music has evolved. Explain this new sound and why the change?

I think the only way to explain it is time. Artist naturally evolve over time. The last music we did was written 3 years ago. So what you are hearing is 3 years worth of writing and development. I can’t really explain why any better than that. The new sound definitely is leaning towards more of a rock sound than our older more Pop-punk sound of the past. We really payed attention to song writing on this album. We didn’t try to fit anything into a genre, we just did what was best for each song. I would say you can hear our Beatles and Beach boy influence coming out more. But with modern recordings and our rock sound it comes off more as Weezer.

Will this evolved sound continue through the new album?

The whole album has different types of different sounds to it. We rocked out what we wanted to hit hard but weren’t afraid of dialing it back if the song was better served. We have a ballad, a acapella part of a song that sounds like a rockabilly riff and a not so subtle Latin vibe throughout the album.

With the new material release any plans to tour?

We definitely need to do some touring. There isn’t anything booked yet because we are wrapping up everything with this album.
With the new line up what does it bring to the table for live shows?
I would say a bigger sound. It also changes the dynamic on stage. I went from having a side of the stage to being in the center.

Have you played any new songs at shows yet? If so what response have you received from the fans?

Yes our new set consist of mostly new songs. The response has been great. I can’t wait for people to have the album and live with the songs.

Whats next for The Dares?

After this album is out we really want to start touring again. Also getting some label behind us would be great. But really we don’t know exactly what will happen, just that we have never had music out and that we can finally fill that hole that most bands don’t have, having music for people to hear. I’m really excited to show everyone.


Interview by Cryslee