We had the pleasure of speaking to Juliet Simms about her current release All or Nothing and her stint on Vans Warped Tour this summer. Head below to see what she had to say. Click here to purchase All Or Nothing


The Vinyl: For starters, can you give us a little background of your music history?

JS: I made way out to LA “to make it”  at the age of 18. I was Signed 6 times with my band  Automatic Loveletter. Was runner up on The Voice season 2. I am very happy despite all odds and put out All or Nothing. I have been working in the industry for well over a decade.

The Vinyl: You were recently announced to play Warped Tour 2015, and you have played the summer festival in the past. What are you most excited about this year? What songs are you most excited to play? Will you play any songs from your days with Automatic Loveletter?

JS: It’s been several years since I’ve had a full band, getting to play songs i am passionate about. I am excited to see the fans and interact with them. My brother Tommy Simms will be joining me to promote Never Take It Off. I am very excited to play “Mystified” and I also look forward to playing “Not Broken Yet” and have a special guest join me. I will possibly be playing songs from Automatic Loveletter on special occasions.

The Vinyl: When you decided to launch your Pledge Music campaign to self release your EP All or Nothing, what made you want to release it yourself, instead of going with an label?

JS: I left Universal Records in December 2013 thinking whats next for me? I traveled to Nashville and wrote with Aaron Sprinkle ( One Republic, He is We & Anberlin) there we wrote “Evangeline”. Aaron had great idea for me to put out my own EP. I thought he was crazy, “Put out my own record?!” Following his advice I went home searching what the best outlet would be. I contacted Kevin Lyman ( Founder of Warped Tour) and he suggested Pledge Music. I called up Pledge Music and they were excited to have me. All or Nothing has been one of Pledge Music’s most successful campaigns. I left Universal Records because they wanted me to do what was popular and out of my style. “Juliet loves classic rock!”. It was one of the best decisions I have made.

The Vinyl: With the recent release and success of All or Nothing, congratulations on debuting on the top 40 billboard charts, as well as #1 New Alternative Artist & #4 Top New Artist. How does that feel?

JS: Thank You! Honestly, it made me feel incredible, it was an acknowledgment for all of my hard work. After going through difficult times this told me i made the right decision.  I felt like “I can breathe now”. I felt  the support behind me and I can’t thank them enough.

The Vinyl: Out of the six songs on the EP, which holds the most meaning to you?

JS: End of the world, it is very emotional, it sounds  cheesy but i do cry every time i sing it. it is the most emotionally connected song i have on the EP.

The Vinyl: How would you say you have grown as an artist since your experience on the voice?

JS: Coming off of the show , Cee Lo Green managed for a bit. It was a dog and pony show. It was a learning experience. it was something I had to go through to become an stronger artist. After the show it was like lets have Juliet go through a rough a time and get some great songs under her belt.

The Vinyl: What can fans expect next? full length album?

JS: I will be releasing  End Of The World video this summer and I planning on recording this fall.

The Vinyl: Thank you so much for your time! Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

JS: I wanna say thank you , I don’t know where i would be without you, you give me courage ,strength and to go on and i hope my music does the same for you.


Interview conducted by Amy Wolff