Neon Jungle brings the edge to girl groups, with their debut album Welcome to the Jungle. Get ready for power pop mixed with urban beats, and not only can these girls really sing, but they also rap as well. 

Their first single “Trouble” released last year, barely gave us a glimpse into who Neon Jungle can be. Recent singles such as “Welcome to the Jungle” and power ballad “Louder” got our attention. Showcasing the edge factor and vocal ability to stand out. Ichi, ni, san, kaesu! Counting down to bring the beat back isn’t the only Japanese you’ll hear. Hints of Japanese came through in a few tracks, like “So Alive” written by hit song writer Charli XCX. Urban influences surface throughout most of the album as well. Especially on “Bad Man”, a track with a heavy beat and a Rihanna sound. The collection wraps up with a fan favorite and brilliant cover of Banks “Waiting Game”, and hold on ballad “Fool Me”. This isn’t your typical love or skip album. It’s solid. Neon Jungle isn’t your typical girl group either. Pre-Order Welcome to the Jungle on iTunes – here. US can pre-order here

Album Review: Neon Jungle - WTTJ
7.8Overall Score