Rence from Seattle Washington is making some big moves in the music industry and we got to chat with him about his new single Type 2 (Which is out TODAY!! 3/13/20), about his writing/recording processes and how/what inspires him! Take a look at what he has to say below! 

The Vinyl: For those who aren’t familiar with you, do you mind introducing yourself and giving us a fun fact no one may know about you?

Rence: Whats goooooooooood. I’m Rence and I’m a 22 year old worried about the world and trying to make art to help us all feel a little more. I’ve been a die hard music fan since I could talk and now I’m trying to give that same joy back to the world. Here’s a fun fact – I drink Martinelli’s apple juice before and during every show.

TV: You have a new single called Type 2, what is the story behind this single?

R: Type 2 is really a profile of myself by myself. The title is a reference to the enneagram scale, how I see myself as The Helper – never wanting to speak up or cause issue. I consider myself a really easy-going person – it takes a lot to upset me and I’d always (genuinely) rather be smiling. But that means I often, without knowing, gloss over things that did bug me, or might have if given the chance. In the first verse I set the scene of my realization, and then I realize it through the pre chorus and the hook. And then I dance.

TV: Do you have a particular writing/recording process? What gets your creative side moving? 

R: I keep my creativity alive by really trying to keep my eyes, ears and my mind open. For a while I thought I needed to experience these huge life moments in order to create, and those are great for creativity without doubt, but there’s so much beauty and pain in the little things. I have many technical processes for creating, mostly depending on if I’m working alone or with friends etc. and those surrounding circumstances. I just love creating.

TV: When you’re writing/recording do you usually get ideas from personal life? Things you’ve been through?

R: Definitely – for a long time almost everything I made was super personal stuff – about things I cared about or was going through / went through. Recently though, it dawned on me that not all my songs have to be that way. I’ve found a lot of new agency in telling other’s stories.

TV: Who/What inspired you to say this is what you want to do in life?

R: First are foremost I have to give my parents credit for laying the foundation. They always told me I could do whatever I wanted to do and so I did. Secondarily though (later on), my music teachers inspired me endlessly. My high school music teacher Jill Wangsgard was a touring musician herself before designing a cutting edge music program and my high school. It was she who really helped me understand what life as a musician would or could be.

TV: How do you think/feel about social media/streaming platforms effecting the music industry and how its so common to use them to promote and reach out to fans?

R: Hmmm. I think there are long lists of both pros and cons. But to me, I notice that the barriers of entry are now lower than ever before. This holds within it lots of pros and cons. Ease of access means more people get to create and be known for it – not just those with resources and opportunity. But at the same time the landscape is more diluted than ever.  I love social media as a tool to really talk to people who connect with my music and performances. I always tell people my dms are open. I’m really not interested in being untouchable- I’m here just like you trying to figure out the world and enjoy it.

TV: If you can work with any artist in the industry right now who would it be and why? 

R: Cosmo Pyke. Mans has been creating some of the best and most unique music I’ve heard in a long time and I know that when we work together my life and creativity will never be the same.

TV: 2019 was a big year for you, you’ve been named one of Pigeons & Planes “Best New Artists of the Month” What do you have planned for 2020? How are you going to make 2020 bigger than 2019? 

R: First and foremost, by keeping my own happiness and enjoyment at the forefront of everything I do. Otherwise why do it. But in a more tangible way – were just getting this thing out of the digital space and on the road. I have a busy busy year ahead full of tours (some opening some headline), festivals etc. I live to perform (or so I’ve discovered recently). We’re compounding that with lots of new music – the best I’ve ever made – videos, etc. I swear to you it’s gonna be a great one.

TV: Any new music you are currently working on?

R: Tons and tons. I’ve completed a solid group of songs that I feel are the best I’ve ever made. Those are mostly done, but I’m constantly working on maybe 50 songs with friends and alone. Some that’ll make their way into the world and some that just need to be made to be thrown away.

TV: What can your fans expect from you in 2020?

R: Smiles, energy, gratitude, dedication and hard work,

TV: Anything you would like to share with your fans?

R: The earth is dying and we need to take care of it.