The Path to Firefly Music Festival!! Here is another interview with one of the insanely talented artist from this years Firefly line up: CRAY!! Check out what she has to say below! 

The Vinyl: For those who arent familiar with you, mind introducing yourself and give us a fun fact that no one knows about you?
Cray: HI!!! well my name is cray and i make music. I have so many fun facts…umm..i have a massive funko pop collection

TV: You recently put out a new single called Butterflies, what is some inspiration behind the title of that song?
C: butterfly was about the feeling of having a crush on someone. When you get ” butterflies” in your tummy just thinking about them. Have you ever thought someone was so cute you wanted to bite there head off? same

TV: What is the typical writing/recording process for you like? How do you know when you got that one song where you are just like “oh thats the one”.
C: I write everyday..constantly in my notebook or in my phone. I usually write about whats going on in my life or what ive been through. I have so many lyrics that I usually just try and find which goes best with whatever melody im creating. I usually work on every song I write till i can say ” thats the one” some are faster then others

TV: So being this is an interview for our The Road to Firefly piece and this being your first time playing Firefly music festival, what are some expectations you have for the festival, how excited are you?
C: I am so excited im going to throw up. My expectations are to show up and rock out,as always, and I also cant wait to also spend time watching other sets at the festival.

TV: Anything you would like to say to your fans?
C: i love you, thank you