COVID-19 has made a huge impact on many people all across the world, and its put many people out of jobs and at some high risks etc. So here at The Vinyl we wanted to celebrate the insanely talented creators in the photography business. We are celebrating the Concert Photographers, the Lifestyle Photographers, the Wedding Photographers, the Wildlife Photographers and every other type of Photographer behind that camera that brings such joy to the eye. 

Introducing Jim Trocchio, a native hailing from Lehigh Valley, PA!

The Vinyl: Please introduce yourself and tell us your primary photo location(s)?
Jim Trocchio: Hey there my names Jim Trocchio and I’m from the Lehigh Valley located in Pennsylvania.

TV: How did you know that being a photographer is something you truly wanted to do, and what/who are some inspirations you may have had/have?
JT: I just kind of fell into it really.. I was taking care of my aunt who had an illness and really needed a hobby so she bought me a camera a basic starter kit package. When I’d be up late taking care of her I’d just watch youtube videos and try to make sense of all the features and settings until it started to click. Once i got to know my camera a little more I just wondered what it’d be like to have a photo pass for the “cool” things like a sporting event and concerts. Luckily I knew some key people that really helped me out in the beginning and just kinda ran with it ever since.

TV: What equipment is a must-have for you no matter where you are going to be working? What does your typical photographing setup look like?
JT: I’ve always shot with sony and mostly just a 24-70 2.8 lens

TV: What are some of your favorite techniques when it comes to editing styles/ways you present your work? Do you have different aesthetics for different types of work?

JT: You know I just kinda of like colors or whatever I think looks good to me. No real style I would say just whatever makes sense for the look that you’re thinking might be best.

TV: COVID-19 has completely changed the lifestyle for soooo many different people, how has it effected you? Whether its work/photo related or just all together? 

JT: Yea this is a nightmare.. I’ve just been going back through old pictures and praying this all just goes away.

TV: Now that Concerts/Festivals/Events/ Social Gatherings(weddings, reunions, family portraits etc) /Sports etc are being cancelled/postponed all over the world due to COVID-19, how are you finding ways to stay creative? 
JT: Just trying to stay positive and maybe go roam to find a nice sunset … Pretty much all you can do you know?

TV: Once all this (hopefully) goes away, what are some of your plans to get back to a somewhat “normal” schedule?
JT: I’ve been lucky enough to have some tours lines up for May and July so I’m really just hoping they line up and get back on track so the whole summer isn’t a bust, But who knows what’s going on.

TV: What are some of your favorite creative pieces/photos/opportunities you have gotten to do in 2020 before all hell broke loose? 
JT: 2020 has been fun so far up until all of this. I’ve done some concerts and NHL games. Nothing too crazy but always fun. Caught some really nice sunsets as well so that’s always a bonus!

Here are a few of Jim’s favorite photos:

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TV: Is there anything you would like to add as we end this interview? 
JT: And just hope everyone is safe and stoked to see you all back out there doing what we all love. 🙂

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