Honestly, who wouldn’t want to be prepared for a weekend of fun? Whether its your first festival or your 100th, here is YOUR guide to being safe by packing these essentials: 

Water: STAY HYDRATED!!! If you plan on dancing and drinking for multiple hours. Stock up on water while camping. You’ll probably still not have enough.

OH…AND MORE water: Seriously, you need to hydrate. Bring water bottles, refillable mini coolers and backpacks with built-in water packs. Maybe even one of those nifty mini-fans that spray water on your face. Have fun, but be smart. According to Firefly’s official website, the festival encourages concert-goes to bring an empty plastic/aluminum water bottle to the festival. Camelbacks or water pouches may be brought in as long as they are completely empty (you can fill them up at a water station onsite).

Sun screen: keep your skin safe. Hanging out in the sun for hours on end can do some damage to your skin. Bring a big bottle of sunscreen for you and your friends. They will thank you when you leave at the end of the festival, besides sun burn is a BITCH!

Towels/bandanas: Nobody likes sweat dripping down their face and into their eyes .Also, bandanas to avoid breathing in that nasty dust that is kicked up from walking around. Sunglasses are also a must.

Disposable poncho: Just in case it rains, keep yourself dry.

Band Aids/ Small Travel first aid kit: You’ll be walking all over the grounds of Dover and your feet/heels will probably get blistered. Pack a box of blister cushions, you’ll thank me later.

Bug spray: Do I have to explain this one? Bugs carry diseases. Mosquito are nasty and rude.

Trash bags: They can fill in if you forgot the poncho, they can be a hamper for dirty clothes and they will be a necessity as beer cans and empty boxes of food begin to pile up.