We recently sat down with Juliet Simms where the singer discussed her stint on this summers Vans Warped Tour & what is to come next. Check out the interview below & pick up here EP All Or Nothing here. Check out exclusive promos of Juliet Simms here.

The Vinyl: Welcome back to Warped Tour! You just recently released your EP All or Nothing. It has been received well by the industry and by fans.This will be your first time performing as an solo artist as opposed to Automatic Loveletter. What made you decide to make Warped Tour your first tour as a solo artist?

JS: Oh My Gosh! Warped Tour has been such a stepping stone in my career, it’s because of Warped Tour that I have a career. All the people behind it Kevin, Lisa, Kate , Julie and everyone behind the scenes are family. It was a no brainer, no reason to question my decision!

The Vinyl: What are some differences performing as an solo artist as opposed to a band?

JS: It’s pretty similar, I mean its different when you are in a band. Everyone has an opinion. More personalities. Not saying my band does not have personalities, they do!. Being an solo artist its my vision, they back me up. When you’re in a band as opposed to an solo artist it’s almost like their are too many cooks in the kitchen so to speak.Both have their positives and both have negatives. I loved touring with Automatic Loveletter and I’m F*CKING loving touring with my that I have band now.

The Vinyl: Surprise! You played main stage today for the first time on tour, what was that process like? How did that come about? Who’s decides who plays?

JS: This morning I woke up at like 6:30 am pajamas and all. I go to the restroom, come back and my bus is gone!! So I’m like “Where the F*CK is my bus!!” and I just see Kevin Lyman sitting at his bus under his little tent filling out form. I plop down next him and say “Well I can’t find my bus!” His response “ Well! You better find it cause you will be playing Main Stage this morning”, I thought he was kidding with me. Kevin has joked around with me a lot in my career so you could see why I though he might be joking.So Kevin begins to say “I would not joke with you at 6:30 in the morning, you are on main stage now go find your bus.” I then called my tour manager “find my bus, we are playing main stage today!

The Vinyl: You recently announced an Fan Bundle on site Depop, what made you choose to go this route?

JS:  Depop came to me several months ago about starting an online store. I would help promote the app, they would feature me. As an indie artist right now, why not do it myself!? I guess I kind of run the show, It’s doing well. Those merch bundles are currently on Vans Warped Tour this summer at my merch tent.

The Vinyl: You released the video for End of The World which co stars your boyfriend/Black Viel Brides frontman Andy Biersack, I know all fans are wondering about an  possible collaboration?

JS: I don’t know!? I did sing on Wretched and Devine and Andy sang on Not Broken Yet on my EP on All or Nothing. I mean two artist living together its bound to happen.

The Vinyl: Being in an relationship with someone in the same industry as you, is it harder? Easier? more of an understanding?

JS: I mean it’s very understood ya know? It can be really hard, even though we are in the same industry. When he says he is leaving for two months , I say NO but F*CK YOU! It’s hard because we are very much in love.

The Vinyl: You will be doing workshops this summer with The Entertainment Institute. What made you decide to get involved?

JS:  Well they approached me, But I’ve always wanted to give back, empower girls. I feel like if I had had that growing up I probably would not have made certain mistakes. It would have saved me a lot of headaches and I want to pass on what I have learned to the next generation to girls who might be what I am doing some day. One of my biggest passions in life is helping people. I LOVE helping people! So if I can help  girls whether it’s self esteem issues, boy issues and I want to keep it open for questions. I have dealt with a lot of demons and a lot of dark shit. If I can help anyone with any of those aspects I will be very happy.

The Vinyl: What can fans expect after Warped Tour? Full length album? Fall tour?

JS: I want to tour more! I want make a record!

The Vinyl: If you could choose any musician to tour with who would you choose?

JS: If I could choose any one ! lets see! Aerosmith , Foo Fighters & The Rolling Stones!


Interview & Photos by Amy Wolff