We spoke to John from The Maine recently about the bands upcoming fourth studio album Forever Halloween which drops June 4th!  John spoke to us about the bands future and more.


How does it feel to have completed a four studio albums?

It’s a bit surreal. Time has seamlessly taken flight and carried us to where we stand now. We are just extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to continue to make music.

You will be touring with your greatest friends on the 8123 tour! What’s that like? Any special events planned?

All I’m really planning on doing is appreciating the time we will have together on the tour. Making the most of every night we play and holding nothing back in order to deliver a great show and take advantage of the time we will spend with not only the bands, but the people that come out and support the tour. We have a bit of fun up our sleeves planned, but I don’t want to give away the ending!

As a band how do you think you have grown since your very first album Can’t Stop , Won’t Stop?

Music is the only thing on our minds. In the past, I don’t think that was necessarily the case. We make the music we want to and have no need for approval or green lights from anyone but ourselves. Our new heads fit so well and feel great resting on a level set of shoulders.

Why the title Forever Halloween? Any significance?

It represents the molting of old shells and exposing the rawest layer of who we are. Proudly hiding behind nothing and only controlling what we can.

The album was produced by Brendan Benson of The Raconteurs, how was it working with him?

It was a pleasure. Brendan is a men amongst boys. The definition of cool without trying. Not to mention he is an incredible songwriter and badass guitar player. He made us better musicians and showed us what it’s like to record a real rock album. Overall Yelp would give him a 10 out of 10.

Since departing Warner Bros Records, what’s that been like?

We can breathe again without asking for permission which is nice. We have room to run freely and be an honest band. They’ll be fine without us, they still have the Seal and that guy who does the “Harlem Shake”.

What is the next step for the band after the 8213 tour?

We plan on touring for some time on this new album. Hopefully revisiting many of the places we’ve had the opportunity to play and possibly some new land we’ve yet to step foot on.

You have toured around the world, what country has been your favorite to play?

Hard to say. I really enjoy the Gold Coast of Australialand, the beaches in Rio were gorgeous, and the soil here in the US is better than a sharp stick in the eye, but we are just extremely lucky to have had the chance to see what we have and can only work hard for the chance to return!

Anything you guys would like to tell your fans?

Thank you so much for your support. You won’t ever know how much it truly means, but I hope to thank you personally in the near future!

Cheers my friends. Death to traitors!


Interview by Cryslee