We recently sat down with the amazingly talented duo Frenship which is made up of James Sunderland and Brett Hite.


  1. What are some of the life influences that helped your creative process while writing your recent single “Mi Amore”? Started writing in friends home in Ojai.chorus was first part written, revisited chorus six month later.
  2. You guys collaborated with Emily Warren in 2016 on your track “Capsize”, can fans expect any collaborations soon? Shifting focus on Collaborations , cannot speak to all of them just yet. If you could collaborate with any artists past or present who would it be and why? Currently we both love Ellie Golding , Adele , Chris Martin. Kendrick Lamar, J Cole. Past phil Collins would be a fun collab, Michael Jackson would always be good.
  3. You have played several festivals including Lollapalooza, Life is Beautiful and Outside Lands!  What are some festival essentials that you bring to help you get through the weekend? I bring a lot of socks (they get gross) extra clothes (wardrobe decisions) sunscreen, eye mask (lol).What are some essentials you can recommend for an artist who might be playing their first festival ? Relax! It’s gonna be chaos , stuff goes wrong ! In  Vegas at  Life is Beautiful our keyboard died and we just went  with the flow.
  4. You guys named yourselves Frenship, how did you guys meet? Brett and i met in Lulu Lemon a 4 years ago! Coming off a DJ career. We both worked their part time introduced by coworkers. We werent really what we wanted musically. We did hit the town a bit too much and eventually decided to make music, which ended up catching the  ear of industry friends. Brought us to our  first song “Kids”. We say that there are “Big ships ,little ships and best ship is friendship!”
  5. How do you keep current in an industry powered by social media and streaming ? We Weren’t into social media at first, didn’t utilize it at first to be honest.  It’s growing & you get direct contact with your fans. Helps keeps us to our core. Do you have any insight to artists who might be trying to break into the business? We’re a bit tied to the old school. We have an appreciation to seeing an whole album being put out, doesn’t mean not putting out singles. Keep output high, don’t let it affect the quality and be ready to put content out quicker. Helpful talking point is putting out a full body of work.
  6. Do you have any pre/post show rituals? We try to shut down green room about an hour before, we appreciate quiet. I loose my voice like crazy, so I try to warm up for an hour before and have some  whiskey . Usual will listen to a live album to have a mini vacation! Quick huddle! In ears have 5 minute countdown, Brett loves to give  compliments to everyone before we go on.
  7. What can fans expect next? Except more music coming soon, we will he dropping larger body of work in the middle of this year/late summer! Festivals this summer and hopefully release some more singles! Some features and hopefully fall tour! Some other things are in the work possible international shows! Just a lot of music!