Go Live: Twas the night before Valentines Day with Marilyn Manson

By: alyssa howell

Marilyn Manson’s second time around in Maryland for his Heaven Upside Down tour, he manages to sell out Rams Head Live the eve before Valentine’s Day. What a great way to spend Valentines Day with a loved one.

The lines were still over flowing the hallway and out the venue doors as opening took the stage promptly at 8pm. The opener was Amazonica, a DJ from the UK. After getting fans all hyped up and ready for Manson, the stage crew quickly converted from a DJ setting to a band setting.

Roughly thirty minutes after 9pm the fog machines instantly pumped the whole venue full of fog and didn’t stop until you could hardly see a thing. The lights cut out and the music plays as Manson took the stage opening up with The Reflecting God. Manson was a lot better this time around then the last when he was at The Fillmore in Silver Spring. He played a good set list that included newer material from his latest record, Heaven Upside Down. Those songs were Kill4Me, Revelation #12 & Say10. Manson also played older hits such as Dope Show, MobScene as well as the Eurythmics cover of Sweet Dreams. After a packed set list Manson closed out the night with The Beautiful People.

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