The Vinyl: For those who aren’t familiar with you yet, mind introducing yourself?
Maya B: Hi, I’m Maya B. I get in my feelings and make music.

The Vinyl: You just recently dropped a new single called Dollar to a Diamond, which was featured as Zane Lowe’s World Record on Apple Music, how was it working/producing that single with Soulshock?
Maya B: Yeah! The process for Dollar was different than usual. We had this amazing upcoming producer from Denmark called ‘Hydrate’ out in LA. He and Soul basically got shitfaced and made the beat. They played it for me the next day and I knew that’s what I wanted to spend my day working on.

 The Vinyl: What is the story behind Dollar to a Diamond? Is there some sort of message you’re trying to get across?
Maya B: Yeah. It’s okay to want more for yourself. That’s not cocky and your dreams are not unrealistic.

The Vinyl: What kind of artist do you plan/want to evolve into? How do you want to differ yourself from other artists in the same genre as you?
Maya B: I plan to be an artist with an impact and something to say. Honestly, I focus on my music and art so much that I don’t really worry about what other artists are doing.

The Vinyl: What gets your creative side flowing? How do you get ideas going whether its lyrics, music etc?
Maya B: It’s always different. It can be a person, experience or an overheard conversation. Just the other day, I was in Detroit and this guy working in a deli asked me what veggies I want. I said, “all of them.” He replies, “I’ll drag it through the garden then.” My eyes just lit up – haha. Incredible line. I wanted to go write a song right then.

The Vinyl: You’re signed to capitol records, who has so many talented artists under their belt, how does it feel to have signed with them? How did they come across someone as talented as yourself?
Maya B: It feels really good. I feel like they really understand my art, it’s a blessing. When ‘Kiss on My Neck’ came out, DJ Khaled loved it and shouted it out, that was when labels began reaching out. We met with quite a few but Capitol just felt like home.

The Vinyl: You’re about to release an EP, what was the writing and recording process like for this EP. Do you have any details on it, when fans can finally hear more from you?
Maya B: The writing and recording process for the EP has been very relaxed honestly. We’ve working just to work ya know – because we love it. The hardest part was choosing which few out of the many records make up the EP. I can’t say too much about it but it is coming in 2019 – yes.

The Vinyl: You’re about to embark on a tour across North America. What expectations do you have for this tour?
Maya B: Yeah I’m actually answering these from the plane right now. I try not to have expectations when it comes to live shows. I’m just excited to be there and share my music.

The Vinyl: What cities are you most excited to visit?
Maya B : I’ve done Chicago, Detroit and Los Angels so far. I’m on my way to New York as we speak. I’m excited for Washington and Atlanta – I’ve never been before.

The Vinyl: Anything else you would like to say to your fans?
Maya B: Just – thank you.