Vans Warped Tour, also known as punk rock summer camp, is a summer traveling rock show circa 1995. Sailing this ship is Kevin Lyman, Warped Tour founder. This cross country tour recently stopped over at the Fairplex in Pomona, where we spent the day running around to various stages to see this years lineup.

Dubbed as a “hometown show” for both the tour and at least half of the bands on it, seeing as LA is the unofficial music capitol of the nation, the fan turnout was high. Global warming might as well have been the headliner, as temperatures rose into the 90s. Luckily Warped Tour has recognized this, offering free water filling stations and mister tents. Along with these hydrations tents, there was the usual mix of band tents, alternative t-shirt brand tents, and a few random tents selling mismatched merch like Rastafarian accessories. The big draw this year came from Warped alumni Jeffree Starr, who now has his own cosmetics line. The lines for his goods were longer than band meet and greets.

But the music was fun too!  Being a reocurring tour, it’s rare to see first time bands that aren’t still trying to make a name for themselves. We saw some good acts this year. Four Year Strong came out with a Hawaiian Christmas themed set, complete with an 11am mosh pit. Sum 41 hit the tour, again, playing songs that will make you think of middle school. Reel Big Fish fooled a few fans with some covers of old rock songs including the opening riffs of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, which they passed off as their own (for about 30 seconds). Motionless in White’s Devin Sola took the stage dressed as the nun from The Conjuring 2. The Maine came out in stage all dressed in blue slacks and white button up dress shirts, reminiscent of a 1960s rock music tv appearance. Their whole theme this tour was presenting themselves in the third person, which their backdrop confirmed.

All in all the tour was great once again. We cannot wait to see what Kevin Lyman has in store for next year.

Photos/Review: Amy Wolff