Chris Brown brought The Party Tour to D.C. And it sure was a party.

Opening up the night and to get the crowd warmed up was comedian DC Young Fly, who danced around the stage from one side to the other and even gave the ladies a little strip show (shirt only). He then introduced the next act to take the stage.

Cassanova took the stage first only performing three or four songs of his before Kap G took the stage next. Being that each artist had very short sets. Kap G only had a small handful of songs as well before handing the mic over to the next performer, OT Genasis. After three short sets and a bit of a delay, Fabulous took the stage next performing many hits old and new.

After four sets from some talented men, the moment everyone in the arena was waiting for finally came. As the Jumbotron sat on the stage counting down from 30 seconds, it raised up and DJ Kahled gave an introduction for Chris Brown.

Brown didn’t just “take the stage”; he came in suspended in a wired harness that allowed him to fly above the stage and do flips in the air. He opened up with his most recent single, Wrists. Throughout the night Brown gave the crowd one of the best shows. Brown performed newer and older songs in his 23 song set-list. Some songs he played that you may recognize are Dueces, Poppin and his newest song Privacy. Brown ended the night with playing the single, Party, which the whole night was a Party.

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Review/Photos: Alyssa Howell