As a very special Halloween treat,

Bohnes is premiering his latest music video for the acoustic version of “Six Feet Under” today. The new solo project from Alex DeLeon (The Cab) has been continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity through music and visual content. Ones To Watch praises the new project sharing “The single certainly pulls from his previous alt-rock identity while exploring new elements and production that is uniquely Bohnes.” Check out the video, here.
Shot in an abandoned funeral home, the eerie vibes of this music video complement DeLeon’s haunting vocals and lyrical theme of lost love. On the track, DeLeon shared “This song is special to me because it’s about resurrecting a love you used to feel. Bringing something back to life that reminds us of better times or a better place. I think we can all relate to that. We all have that rose we wish we could breathe petals back onto.” On the softer version of the track and video, Ones To Watch shares “DeLeon’s voice adopts a softer tone in comparison to the more aggressive original that matches perfectly with the minimal instrumentation and emotional quality of the acoustic version and music video.”
Recently, Bohnes released a personal acoustic track entitled “702.” This song was previously written and planned for release at a later date, but after tragedy struck his hometown, Bohnes picked up a guitar and created this special acoustic version as his love song to Las Vegas, which is available on Spotify and iTunes. All proceeds from the track will go to the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund, which fans can donate directly to here.