Leading up to Firefly Music Festival, this year at The Vinyl we are sitting down and getting to know the insanely talented artists on this years 2020 lineup. Our FIRST EVER The Path to Firefly Music Festival interview is with the incredible Cole from The Unlikely Candidates! We can’t wait to catch Cole and the rest of The Unlikely Candidates at Firefly this year! Check out what Cole has to say below:

The Vinyl: For those who arent familiar with you, mind introducing yourselves?

Cole: We are The Unlikely Candidates from Fort Worth Texas

TV: You all have played a variety of tours and festivals, which do you prefer? The more intimate setting of a club or festival settings?

Cole: They both have distinct qualities. Festivals are always more fun for us. When we play festivals it’s almost like we are also there to watch all the other bands as a fan as well. Club shows definitely have more of a vibe. You get the full experience with the light production. We always feel closer and more connected with a crowd at club shows.

TV:  So you all have a few festivals lined up this year, what are some pointers you have for first time festival attendees?

Cole: Drink lots of water and put on your sunscreen.

TV: Your last single, Novocaine, was released back in March, (its such a jam by the way) do you all have any new material in the works? What can fans expect from you all in 2020?

Cole: Thank you! We have been working on lots of new material. You will definitely have new songs in the near future.

TV: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Cole: Keep on Rockin in the free world!

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