Well this whole “new reality” thing is some shit. We are still trying to cope with COVID-19 taking jobs and more away from so many people in the world, so with that being said we are going to be reliving in the past and providing content that we have dug up from previous endeavors. Not only are we going to be putting together some content to pass the time by but we also have been working with our lovely business partner, Jackie Cular of In The Key of Change, to bring you some Skype interviews with some bands/artists. The skype sessions we have put together are to discuss how COVID-19 is effecting not only them personally but also how its effecting the industry.


COVID-19 is a serious issue right now and its not to be taken as a joke. We are all effected by this tremendously, so as everyone has been repeatedly saying: WASH YOUR HANDS, STAY HOME AND PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING!!! We shall overcome this! Stay safe!