GO LIVE: Bishop Briggs in Baltimore

By: alyssa howell
Rams Head Live in Baltimore, was a buzz with excitement from fans wearing space buns. Bishop Briggs exploded on stage with her hit “White Flag”. The crowd went wild, while singing along to this fighter track. She followed it up with “Wild Horses” and “Tempt My Trouble”. With her high energy and infectious smile, Briggs fans could not get enough. Slowing down the set with “Lyin” and “Water”, Briggs showed her softer side. Taking a moment from her set to mention, that she is a full supporter of the LGTBQ community and telling the crowd to never let any one tell you that you are not enough, it was a sweet and motivational moment of the night. Picking the energy back up with, “The Fire” and “Hallowed Ground” and covering Frank Ocean’s “Ivy”, the crowd was not ready to say goodbye to Briggs for the night. She returned for an encore, singing her demo “Baby” that she never released, everyone loved it. Ending the night with her hit single “River”, it was safe to say, Bishop Briggs is a must see live.
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Words & Photos by Brooke Long


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