We got to chat with TELYKast, a trio that weaves and bobs between electronic and pop music. They dropped their single DAYLIGHT” a club banger with a pulsating bass line, nocturnal synths and a dancefloor-ready lunar chant. The trio have amassed over 40 million streams independently and now are ready to take their career to the take level with Astralwerks. 


The Vinyl: For those who aren’t familiar with you, mind introducing yourselves?
TELYKast: Hi guys! We are TELYKast, made up of Kyle, Trevor and Linus. We all live together in Los Angeles California and we make Electronic/Pop music. 

TV: Anyone that follows you on social media knows that you guys are super good friends and just have that click. How do you guys all know each other? What’s the story behind TELYKast?
TELYKast: Yes we are extremely close, I think the nature of how we were all brought together really creates that bond. Kyle is originally from Dallas and Linus is from New York City. When they moved to LA 6 years ago to attend Icon Collective they were paired as random roommates because they had both had career ending sports injuries and the school thought we would be a good match. Pretty much from Day 1 of living together the rest is history. Shortly after they finished school I (Trevor) met Linus at a studio I was working at and we clicked right away. Our goal with TELYKast has always been to ‘shift the needle and push the boundaries’ with our music and live show – and for us that was creating a ‘band’ type act that can stand the test of time. 

TV: Your recent single Daylight has been pretty popular on social media platforms all over, how does that make you all feel? Especially since some pretty well known TikTok influencers have been pretty responsive with it and using it in their own videos?
TELYKast: We are super excited about how DAYLIGHT is moving! We were on TikTok in its early days and really love the platform. Naturally we wanted to get a song that would go “viral” and with DAYLIGHT we really feel we have achieved that and believe it has a lot more in it still! 

TV: What is the typical writing/recording process like for you guys?
TELYKast: Linus and I both come from band backgrounds playing guitar as well as other instruments and Kyle comes from a DJ background. We all bring different things to the table that I feel makes our music stand out. Sometimes I will start a track and other times Linus will start a track, but when we all work on something together in the room there is always some magic that happens. I (Trevor) also sing, and am the one who sings on DAYLIGHT, so we also write a lot of our songs as well. 

TV: With COVID-19 shutting down the world practically how have you guys been coping with everything going on? What is the new routine for ya?
TELYKast: To be honest for us on a creative level it’s been amazing because there is not too much we can do besides make music all day – we’ve also been doing a few virtual festivals online and working on our live set, so we’ve found this time to be extremely productive! 

TV: Once everything clears and we all get back to something somewhat normal what do you all have planned? What are some goals you have?
TELYKast: We are mostly excited to start playing shows again and really interacting with people face to face. We have so many ideas for our live show and that has always been something that we feel makes us stand out. We can’t wait to be playing on the main stage with a truly special live show.

TV: Are you guys working on any new material?
TELYKast: Yes! We have so many new songs in the works and in our catalog that we are so excited about and we are creating new ones nearly everyday! We can’t wait to put them out!

TV: As we end this interview is there anything you would like to say to your fans?
TELYKast: A massive thank you, it’s because of you guys that we are able to wake up each day and do what we love. We’re going to keep working hard and be sure to provide you guys with the best possible music and live shows that we can! We hope to see you all soon!