Recently we got to sit down and chat with Naoko from SHONEN KNIFE. We spoke about what its like to be in the music industry for so long and how social media has changed the way music is spread around the world, talked about touring and what to expect on their US Tour and so much more! 


The Vinyl: For those who aren’t quite familiar with your work, mind introducing yourself?

Naoko: Rock music which people can be happy.

The Vinyl: You have a career of nearly 40 years, how did you make it work? What was the drive that had you fully invested in being in the music industry?

Naoko: Think nothing.

The Vinyl: What or who were some influences that really had an impact on your career?

Naoko: At the beginning, it is The Beatles. Now I mainly listen to ‘70’s and ‘60’s American and British rock. Recently I love Funk, Soul or Disco music.  I had an impact by my favorite music.

The Vinyl: So being in this industry for quite some time, do you think the constant change in the way people get their music is affecting artists positively or negatively? Do you like the way social media has taken over the way you interact with fans/the way you put out your music?

Naoko: If it’s positive or negative, we have to make it positive. Social media is useful to interact with fans. I don’t trust social media overall. I have to choose and select information with my own eyes. The economical price of music is decreased by internet media, though.

The Vinyl: So you all have been on so many different tours, how do you balance out being on the road and personal life? I bet it can be exhausting, correct?

Naoko: I can adjust to my daily life after tour finished very quickly. I don’t get jet rag so much. But I don’t like long drive during the tour. It’s exhausting. Also it is hard for me to carry our luggage every day during the tour.

The Vinyl: Do you have any future plans or goals you have for the rest of 2018? Where do you want to be in 2019?

Naoko: Our ALIVE! in the USA 2018 will start soon. It will be finished in October. Then I would like to make a new album. We would like to tour to European, Oceania countries and others in 2019.

The Vinyl: So you’re going on a US tour starting at the end of August, what can fans expect from this tour?

Naoko: I would like to make people happy with our music. I hope our fans have a pleasant time at our show and get vigor.

The Vinyl: What are your expectations of the US tour?

Naoko: I hope many people come to our shows and enjoy. I’m looking forward to eat delicious pancakes.

The Vinyl: Are there any particular cities or venues you’re excited to visit on this run?

Naoko: Everywhere! It’s difficult to choose one!!

The Vinyl: Last words, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Naoko: Let’s have fun together! ROCK!