Country king  Blake Shelton remains firmly rooted as a proud Oklahoman with his forthcoming album, Texoma Shore. “Lake Texoma has always been a place of great memories, new and old,” said Shelton. “I literally recorded this album on its shore so it’s full circle for me to take the love of this place and my love of country music.” Fans can pre-order the album here now.

Off to a tremendous start, lead single “I’ll Name The Dogs” is approaching the Top 20 in just two weeks since its impact at country radio. It was the No. 1 most trending video on YouTube from the day of release throughout its first weekend, resulting in Shelton’s biggest video launch ever. With over half a million views within 24 hours and 2.1 million first week plays, both the song and the video are earning widespread attention. Taste of Country praised the single, saying, “‘I’ll Name the Dogs’ is the first taste we’ve had of Shelton’s next album, and with its clever, fun lyrics, a melody that grabs you instantly and a sincere, charming vocal performance from Shelton, it’s not hard to predict that it’s also his next big hit.”


According to Blake “When you listen to the record it will go from something traditional to something that will make your head spin back to something even more traditional. That’s just what you can expect from one of my albums. At this point in my career it’s always good for me to try something different, with different sounds, and I think you’ll hear hints of that on this record. I’ve explored about every part of country music you can explore and it seems like I always keep coming back to my roots, which is traditional country music. I love great songs and there are so many talented writers in Nashville, but I do have a song on the album that I wrote and I’m very proud of it.”